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Magic Formula 
Magic Formula 
We think that our clients deserve better services, price and quality in real estate issues

Here everybody wins.
So we get you to think about us, when you have a realty subject.

We look for integral solutions
We can serve you from A to Z and achieve true solutions.

Reasons to hire Resolve your Property

Fair Prices

Due to our turnover we obtain important savings, that we can transfer them to the prices we charge our customer.

Great Administration

We know that one of the problems with the traditional service is the lack of systems and order. That is why we have developed a series of processes to make the company more efficient.

We are a company that we like to have the necessary technology to assist you. For that reason, we seek to digitize your file and then you could consult it online


We have a commitment to be the most efficient in the provision of our service. Which translates into a significant improvement in quality in it.

We love what we do

We are professionals committed to what we do and we like to be able to provide our clients with solutions to their issues.

Integral vision

As we have a group of professionals from different areas, we can find the most appropriate solution.

Doesn´t lose anything, ask for an appointment.

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